Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Summer Ends.........

Us at Cherry Hill two years ago. Our kids are like fish when it comes to water.

It is hard to believe that the summer has come and gone so quickly. We have kept busy with Eliza & Taylor & their voice & acting. Now the boys are busy with football. McKay is playing quarterback which has been a great deal of stress for a kid who is a complete perfectionist. During this summer we sold our home and moved to a new ward, stake, & best of all a new school. I was very concerned about the kids adjustment but they have LOVED it. We are in a cul-de-sac & they walk to school with the whole nieghborhood. It has been a great change & at a much needed time. We finished off the last day of summer with a day at Raging Waters with my family. I felt the need to be a kid again & decided to do the H20 water slide only didn't have the best landing. I have the black eye to show for it. It was a great day & thankfully to my darling little sister who had to leave early & gave me her swim bottoms after I ripped mine open from my dangerous ride I enjoyed the day with my kids. The water was freezing but felt great on such a hot day. Thanks to my parents for treating us all to such a great day & for the memory. Nate had to work but we managed to still have fun. It made me realize how little we went swimming this summer. It seems in the past we have lived in the water. Hopefully next summer we will do better.

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