Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm the big 32! WOW

Here I am the day I was born 9/15/1976
I have always LOVED music. Got that from my father.

I LOVE pig tails!
I think these pants are like the funkiest you have ever seen.
This swing is at my G&G's & it's a cherished memory in my life.

This is my baby blanket that I had forever.
I mean can we say style or what?

This is my favorite school picture. It's kindergarten. Hated my teacher.
This is my famous dear family friend Matt Nolte. He is an animator for Pixar. He worked on Cars & is the head of there big movie coming out in 2011.
My Farrah Fawcett hair do
Classic not only the Flinstones but also Little Miss Shy jammies!

And here I am all these years later @ 32!
We have a tradition in my family that the night of your birthday you choose what you want for dinner. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted hamburgers. When I married Nate he has always been great to continue that. Tonight my paretns took Nate & I & the kids out to dinner @ Five Guys Burgers & Fries. They have been just back east like many other wonderful resturants & so it just opened here & we were thrilled. We had a wonderful time & I highly recommend you go. We then went & got ice cream. Thanks Dad & Mom for a fun night out!

Me having my first bite of an amazing burger!!!!!
Nate, the kids, & I at Five Guys
McKay & I enjoying some yummy ice cream
Me enjoying my 5th birthday with a yummy popcorn cake:)
Iam not sure if this is my second or third birthday but there's chocolate cake & ice cream so what more can you ask for?

So I had an AWESOME day. I spent time alone & went to lunch with Nate, got a fun call from my BFF Steph, got a sweet email from my KAK. Then we did dinner & made a Costco run. Last night we went to my in-laws & had dinner & yummy homemade peach pie;). So far I don't feel any older it just sounds so old. Some days I do feel 80 but I am thankful for each & everyday I have. I love birthdays & to think about how it seems time stands still while so much happens.

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raybee said...

Great pics!! Hope you had a really nice birthday!!