Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's the day to be spooky so have fun & be safe.
But most importantly it's the day to be whatever you want to be so take advantage of it & be who or what you have always wanted to be.
Halloween allows you to be a kid again.
Live the day to it's fullest & love it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This election has been the most stressful for me. As I study each canadite it scares me even more. Do I choose the lesser of two evils or do I follow my heart & not choose either. I think this picture puts it straight forward. They are all hiding something from us. They can not just be honest with us the American people. But I think the thing that bothers me the most is how they attack each other. How nice it would be to have them be mature Christlike adults that would be honest & focus on their ideas & goals for what they will do as President of this country. Instead they continually attack each other. Don't we teach our children to "Love One Another"? Then how is such a basic teaching thrown right out the door to 2 people who are supposed to be these great examples & trustworthy men. If we cannot look up to them in such basic principles then how can we trust them when it comes to major issues? Like the scriptures teach us, " is by the simple things great things come to pass." As far as I am concerned they aren't capable of even doing the simple things. Our country is doomed with these men. I urge you if you haven't voted, make it a matter of prayer. You don't have to vote for McCain or Obama. You have the right to write a name in. What ever you do though, VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


My sister & I getting ready to enjoy HSM 3 at midnight

Adree, Eliza, Abby, Annie, & Rylee all set with Mountain Dew & Cherry Coke for the long awaited High School Musical 3 at midnight. We had a great time and Eliza & Adree even got up at 6:00am to go to orchestra even though we didn't get home until 2:35am.
It was a great girls night out & my sister and I even enjoyed ourselves and even managed to stay awake in our old age.

A house full of boys.....

Nathan grew up in a family of 1 girl and 6 boys. He is the oldest of the 6 boys. I am always amazed that his sister was able to survive her childhood & even with fond memories ;)
When Nate & I began dating I was terrified of going to his home. Then as I was the first daughter-in-law I realized very quickly that I didn't have 5 brothers-in-law but 5 new brothers. The relationship that exists between Nate & his brothers is so unique. When they are all together it can be kind of scary because they do feed off of each other but in a very fun & loving way.
As we sat in Sacrament meeting yesterday and RaShawn & her beautiful family sat in front of us I couldn't help but think of how her boys are together & the joy she must feel from a house full of boys......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

English Muffin Pizzas

English Muffins
Pizza Toppings

Put english muffin half open on baking pan. Spread prego, sprinkle cheese, add toppings & bake at 400 degrees until cheese is melted & golden brown.

These are great fun to have at a party and let the kids decorate their own pizza with choice of all types of toppings!

TAG.....7 things

This is my first "TAG" from my darling friend Laura.
It's 7 things that you don't know about me & then I "TAG" 7 people.
7. I ice skated with the Govenor of California (The Terminator) & his Family in Sun Valley, ID
6. I am a championship clogger (not of plumbing)
5. I have lived in 5 states. CA, NV, UT, ID, NC
4. I hope to one day have a home for young teenage girls to live
3. I am still afraid of the dark. When Nate works late I sleep with the light on.
2. Six years ago I wieghed 270 pounds
1. When I was babysitting in 8th grade I saw a strange car pull up to our house & I didn't call the nieghbor or get out my Red Ryder I just called the cops to come check it out.
Okay there are my 7 strange or facts you didn't know. Now I "TAG" RaShawn, Robyn, Sarah, Carly, Angie, Becky, Ashley

If the Savior Stood Beside Me....

I so love being in Primary. It is fun to watch how they interact with each other & what they have learned about the scriptures. They are so smart. The thing that touches me the most though is the music. There is so much power in music but when you have children singing songs of gospel truths it is a burning in your heart. There is one song that I could listen to them sing over & over. If The Savior Stood Beside Me. I am so grateful for the primary songs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Should we shoot them?"

Yesterday was a most crazy day for us. Nate had to go into work early to help train. Eliza had voice lessons & her 3 hour starlets practice. Taylor had a scrimage in Centerville & McKay had regular football practice. I had a Primary Presidency meeting & a Stake Leadership meeting. The only dilema was all these events were happening at the same time. Nate had to be in Salt Lake, Eliza in Sandy, Taylor in Centerville, & McKay & I here in Bountiful. Thanks to family & friends everyone got to where they needed to & home safe & sound..... I was almost not so lucky.
When RaShawn dropped me off we sat in the driveway for 15-20 minutes max talking. As we were talking Erica came running across the street & up to my front door. Then I watched her go inside. She then came out & headed towards RaShawn's car. When she realized it was us she told me what was going on. Taylor & McKay were home alone (I know he is only 9 but it was for an hour). He didn't recognize RaShawn's car & got very concerned. He called Erica sobbing. Erica went & got the boys as I got out of the car. They were shaking. Thank you Erica for being the greatest nieghbor! The boys & I went inside & I got them calmed down. Then the best part of the story came (I know I shouldn't laugh at a time like this but innocence is so dang cute). Taylor & McKay had their Red Ryder Rifle's ready to go. They were going to come & shoot RaShawn's car.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


High School Musical 3

So Eliza & I are going to our first midnight movie premier.
My sister thought it would be fun to do a girls night to HSM 3
with our girls (they are 4 months apart)
so tomorrow night at this time we will be at the theater waiting for the big show.
Are you jealous?

I looked in the cupboards & what did I find?

So what are we having for dinner? One of my personal favorites! Tuna Corn Bread Pie. If you haven't heard of it you are probably not alone. We grew up eating it because it was cheap & with 7 kids cheap was good plus we all loved it. The first time I made it after Nate & I got married Nate was very nice to taste it. To his surprise, he loved it. It is now a favorite at our home. The greatest is it is a staple in my food storage. So if you are needing a quick and easy dinner try this yummy idea:

***I don't use recipes (I grew up with a very talented mother who cooks b just adding stuff together so I will do my best to give amounts)***

fresh ground pepper
1/2 lime
1/4 chopped onion
1 egg
2 cans albaqure tuna (I use Costco's brand)
Marie Calenders corn bread mix (I get the big bag @ Costco)

Drain your cans of tuna. Mix with chopped onion, fresh squezzed lime, egg & pepper. I then put about 1 & 1/2 TBSP of corn bread mix in the Tuna mix & mix that up. Spray the bottom of your deep dish pie dish and flatten down. Put in the oven @ 375 while you begin mixing up the corn bread mix. I use the 8x8 measurements. Take out your tuna mixture & pour in the corn bread mixture in then cook for 30 minutes.

Little brothers.....gotta love them!

Devin is 4 years older then Griffin but Griffin will always try to kick butt!

Devin is being nice because he is getting married in the morning :)

My little brothers are as different as their hair styles but bring so much joy and laughter to our family.
While I was going through stuff yesterday I came across this picture & had to laugh. For those who know my little brothers, you are blessed because they are the funnest people you will ever know. We can not have a family function without hours of laughter with the 2 of them. They truly finish each others sentences. I am not sure how my mom survived those years with just the 2 of them at home & all of their jokes & movie lines. I am grateful to my bro's for adding so much laughter & joy to my life.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I have been blessed with 3 amazing sisters in my life. This picture is not the best of us but it is taken at a time that we were all going through stages of healing. We are all still on that road, some of us are further ahead on the road & some are having to be carried.

One summer while traveling home from Yellowstone my older sister & my youngest sister & I ver fighting in the car. My dad decided in order for us all to survive the 5 hour drive home he needed to be creative. He pulled over to the side of the road & told us to get out of the car & run to the bottom of the hill & back up 3 times. It was raining outside & we thought for sure this was a huge joke. He was serious. We were a bit shocked & got out of the car & began our punishment & by the time we were at the bottom of the hill we were laughing.

I share that story because I feel so often with my sisters that when things are rough we worry & rally together to help & bond together & there is great joy at the end. When this picture was taken though it was about 6 months after my brother had passed. All of us girls withdrew from each other at a time that we needed each other so badly. It took me a very long time to realize the gift that my sisters were in my life and that the saying "Time heals all pain" is so not true. No mater how much time passes it doesn't take the pain with it. It should be "The Attonement heals all pain" & yours sisters will help you through it. As I reflect on each of my sisters & their strength I am in awe. I am so blessed to have each of my unique sisters & the memories that we share.

Happy Birthday Coco!

Today is Coco's birthday & we love our Coco! Coco is a very special person to us. She is like a second mother to me & like a grandma to our children. Grandma Coco's home is the "Holy Land". I know that we moved to Bountiful because Coco was supposed to become a part of our lives & our lives have been changed forever because of her love & example. While my parents were living in NC & I was having a very difficult time after a surgery Eliza was sitting on the side of my bed & said to me, "Mom I know Heavenly Father sent Grandma Coco to us for you to have a mom while Grandma Susie is so far away." Coco is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She is always serving & doing for others. Shortly before her son Brock left on his mission he shared the most moving count of his mother:
While sitting in the temple waiting to join his family he caught a glance of his mom dressed all in white & broke down in tears. He couldn't contain himself because it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen to see his mother who had always been his constant example looking so pure and beautiful.
That story is moving to me. I pray that I can be that kind of mother to my sons. Happy Birthday Coco & thank you for bringing us into your family while my parents were away & for still allowing us to be apart of your beautiful family. We love you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"..............except ye become like a child......."

".................except ye become like a child.........."
I woke up at 5:35 this morning when Nate hit my leg while talking in his sleep. I couldn't fall back asleep so I went in the front room to enjoy the peace & quiet of the beautiful fall Sunday morning. McKay had a talk today & Eliza & Taylor were singing "A Child's Prayer" in Sacrament Mtg. & today was my first Sunday being in Primary. I was excited and nervous. As I read & enjoyed the quiet of the morning I thought about what it would be like to be with the children. The boys got up & McKay & I worked on his talk. He is our child that is very quiet outside of our home but he ponders gospel topics deeply. He has been doing missionary work with a little boy on our street & loves to tell me each day how it's going. So we talked about D&C 18:10, 14-16 & D&C 4. As I watched him understand that the joy he was feeling inside by sharing the gospel was the blessing of obedience, was awesome. The killer was though "Mom what are you doing?" McKay wanted to know who I am working on. We then talked about "........except you become like a child........" & in that moment I realized what serving in Primary was going to be like. It is exactly what I need in my life right now. I need to be as close as I can to spirits so prescious & examples of who the Lord would have us be like in the way of inocence and kindness and love. As I sat in there with the beautiful children in our ward today I got goose bumps. I felt the spirit with every song. It took me back to my childhood & I fought back the tears. I am so excited to be taught by them every Sunday. To grow through them. I cannot wait to learn about the Savior through the eyes of a child with different needs. It was a joyful moment to sit there & watch my own children participate in the blessings I was given as a child. How truly blessed we are.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Memories.........

This is us at the family cabin summer of 2006

Here we are in Pine Valley, UT in May of 2008 (notice Nate's fabulous face expression)

Cherry Hill summer of 2006

Royal Bliss concert summer of 2005 (Nate's brother is the drummer you should check them out at

So as we drove home from Park City this afternoon I reflected on what a great day it was to have the five of us there together. It seems lately that we are all going seperate places & I wonder how much longer it will be that we will enjoy Saturdays together. I know my children have to grow and I have to allow them but it is hard to let them start to soar. I love family time & I love just hanging out with Nate and the kids. I was the mom on McKays first day of kindergarten crying so hard that another mom said oh it's okay it is always the hardest with your first. I didn't say anything because I didn't care if it was my 1st, 2nd, or last. I was still letting go of one of my babies to this big world. I pray that we have taught them well enough that they will make the right choices. I pray that they will remember all the mistakes I made that I told them about & what it taught me yet I know they have to make of their own. It is scary and so I cherish every moment we have together & love them as much as I possibly can. According to Eliza I even take stupid pictures to the extreme & record stupid things but you just never know when that may not seem stupid. Nate & I both grew up with parents who were always there to support us & so that has been so important for us. My goal is to just keep making all the family memories we can the time is golden.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Brandon Neil Delozier Feb. 23, 1973 - OCT. 17, 2005

My brother passed away 3 years ago today. It is hard to believe that it has been that belong. We miss him so much but we are so grateful to know that we will be with him again. Today we went out to lunch and sat and shared our favorite memories of Brandon's life and what we most loved about him. We enjoy celebrating his life. It was fun to hear what the kids remember about him.
My brother died at a young age but he accomplished a lot in his young life. He was always the center of attention and everyone enjoyed being around him. He would light up a room. I had the special experience of being at his side with my parents and my little sister as he took his last few breaths and slipped peacefully through the viel. Although it was very hard it was beautiful and peaceful to know he was physically out of pain. He had been in pain for 1 year so we were grateful for his pain to be over.
I am so thankful for the gospel. I am not sure how people have loved ones die with out the knowledge and belief in the gospel. It brings complete peace knowing that one day we will be together again. I am grateful for the good times I had with Brandon and I look forward to that day that we are reuntited.
Love you B!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who is telling the truth?

So after watching some of the debate last night I had to turn it off. It makes me sick to my stomache to listen to 2 grown men be so mean to each other. I love how McCain doesn't address his issues of being an unfaithful husband and that his wife he met and had a relationship with while still married yet he calls Obama a dishonest person. Now I am not saying that I am voting for Obama I just think that we foccuss so much on other peoples wrongs that we forget our own faults and I believe this election has truly been an example of that very thing. McCain and Obama are both humans and they both naturally make mistakes and bad choices but their actions are ones that we all reflect on because their character is something for us to judge as to who will be the best to run our country. I wonder if either will be good enough but that is another topic for another day. We need to remember that our choices will always have an impact on us at some point in our lives but also we need to foccuss on our own faults instead of pointing out others. So who is telling the truth? That is for each of us to decide but most important make sure that we are always truthful in our own lifes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You want to be Bob Marley????

Eliza started telling us out of the blue that she wanted to be Bob Marely......... Nate & I thought it was a little weird that just out of the blue she would choose to be Bob Marley for Halloween. We kept teasing her that it had to do with the boy she likes at school. She insisted it didn't but wouldn't tell us why out of the blue she wanted to. She finally gave in. Her teacher had her radio on after lunch & a Bob Marley song came on & a boy that sits by her said it would be so cool if someone was Bob Marley for Halloween. Then I found these pictures of her from 3 years ago & realized she had already dressed up like Bob Marley dred locks & all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nate the Great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how truly great is my Nate! I have been so blessed to have Nate come into my life. When Nate & I first met I was attrackted to him right away. He would talk a lot about his mission & I had always wanted to go on a mission so this was thrilling to me. I knew now I was going for sure. I was 18 and after one year and a half my life was going in a different direction & soon I would be going to the Temple but not in preperation to go on a mission but instead to marry my eternal companion. It has been a most wonderful ride. I am not going to lie we have had our ups & downs & sometimes our downs seem like they are so far down that there is no way of going up but then through faith, works, & the grace of our Lord we change direction. There is so much I love about Nate. When you meet him you just can't not like him. He is the full deal. I love you babe:)

Nate soaking in some sun at Cherry Hill

Nate making waffles for McKay's Kindergarten class for "W" week

Nate spending quality time with my Grandma (my Grandma adores Nate)

Nate wanted all the kids at our childrens old elementary to have the chance to explore their talents so he put on a musical that any child who wanted to could be a part of. He did all of this with only 1 parent volunteer her mother & Nates mom. They had 100+ children. It was awesome

I love that Nate is a great cook. Here we were eating out but at home he creates the best dishes

Nate loves Christmas not for what he gets but for us going shopping for the kids 3 gifts

Nate playing a game of trampoline baseball on the "Holy Land" The "Holy Land" is one of our most favorite places to be

I love how much Nate loves me & takes care of me. This is the 2 of us in Dallas (we are at South Fork) for my little brothers wedding & our 10 year anniversary

Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is Fall?

Fall is my favorite season. I love the beautiful colors of fall. For some reason it seems to have skipped straight into winter. Two weeks ago it was in the high 80s & now we have a couple inches of snow :( Hopefully this is a very quick taste of winter to come & then it will be gone & fall will come to show its beautiful colors and paitings. I love the smell of crisp trees that are all shades of yellow, orange, red & some brown. I love the smell of hot chocolate on Saturdays at football games. I love the feel of being wrapped up in a flannel shirt or a warm cozy sweater. I love to see children jumping in piles of leaves & then raking them up again to jump again & again. I love the taste of warm apple crisp. Fall is a time of year that you feel so carefree. It truly is the most beautiful time of the year.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A tribute to my dad......

If you know my dad then you know his obsession with music. We joke with him that when he drives he watches the radio rather than the road. He loves having his sons & son-in-laws around so he can talk music with them. Ask him any music trivia & he will give you the answer.
Our kids are sure that when it is my Dad's time to go he will die laughing. When we spend time with my parents their goal is to see how soon til Grandpa laughs. He makes you laugh when he laughs. He stops breathing & looses all control. It is a great show. My parents home is a home filled with much joy & laughter:)
My Dad is wearing the tie-die shirt. My Dad would wear one to work if he could. I am sure he will wear one in his coffin. When my little brother had back to school night one time he begged my Dad not to wear his tie-die shirt & of course my Dad did. Griffin was horrified.
My Dad is a great uncle.
Most of all my Dad is an amazing grandpa. Our kids love him & we are so glad to have them living back in Utah.

I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a great DAD! He always encouraged us to go after our talents & develop them. But most importantly I am glad he taught us to laugh & laugh hard.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Picture book......."The Smith Family Keeps Busy"

This is me with baby brother Griffin on the NAMI Walk
This is me with my sister Carly & my mom after the Relief Society Conference. We were in the conference center & sat on the 3rd row. It was a fabulous meeting.
Taylor getting a little air with his scooter.
McKay also trying to get some air. We moved onto a flat street & all the kids on our street spend all day outside riding scooters. Our kids love it
Family time, lots of family time
We just love to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor with his buddy Cooper @ our all time favorite movie Forever Strong
McKay & his buddy Bronson. If you haven't seen Forever Strong what are you waiting for. It is fabulous. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Carly, my Dad, my brother Griffin, & I @ The NAMI walk. It was so great to have my family put a team together in my honor !

Our good friends little guy Tex. We love when Tex comes to play.
Taylor is the captain of his football team & gets to do coin flip. He is #74
I love this picture. Taylor is the one holding on to the shirt of #50.
Okay I would die to have her curls & she hates it. She thinks its a curse.
Eliza is only 11 but every where we go people think she is 14-16. It is kind of scary.

McKay's first love, drawing. He & I had a date night & went to Discovery
This is a face that just makes it so hard to get mad at. He is just so dang cute. His eyes just melt you.
Taylor is such a Smith & a very good looking kid. When he sings he has you hocked
Eliza is a beauty & loves to have her hair straitend
Nate showing off for his boys. The boys were very impressed that Nate could get off the ground. I was glad he didn't break anything