Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McKay's life goals......

McKay recently got to "bid" for what he would do with his life. Each kid in his class was given $2,000 to bid on what they wanted their lives to become. We of course were anxious to hear that maybe he wanted to be the President or a CEO........Here he is with his buddy Hayden durinng their 4th grade play. McKay was fabulous so maybe he wants to now be an actor.......

Here he is wearing his favorite hat that his Uncle Jake gave him, it's for a football team so maybe a football palyer....

Here he is looking his finest in his suit & tie, so maybe sell men's clothing....

Here he is being a good nieghbor so maybe a service man.....

Here he is flashing his beautiful smile & big eyes, so maybe a model......
These are all great jobs but what McKay really wants......
1. To marry someone good looking
2. To travel the world
Yep those are his life goals & that is what he bid for. I'm gonna be honest & say I'm failing as a mother!
McKay anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it & I know with your looks you will go far!
Love you McKay (Johnny)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running hair, running there, running everywhere

Taylor's hair is always a topic of discussion. He has a great head of hair & I would give my right leg, arm whatever to have it. It's thick & it curls in all the right places. Hair I will take you on some pretty hairy adventures of his hair. (haha)
You can't see it too well but I love how his hair curls up around his helmet.

Then there are those in the family who dream of his hair!

He often has to do the "flip n fix" to get the hair out of his face & he loves doing that. You can find him spending much of his day flippin n fixin!

Here's Taylor's hair right after having 1/2 inch cut off. He has to get it cut every month so I can be happy & he can be happy.

In this picture we see how perfectly cool his hair looks when in place. I love how his bangs flip out.
When you see Taylor you connect him with his hair. Last night while he was teaching FHE I tried to picture him with short hair & just couldn't. We are often asked how much time it takes to do his hair. Well the truth is 2 seconds. He washes it, brushes it, puts product in it & then flips it & is good to go. He said when he turns 12 he is cutting it off so stayed tune to see if that really happens. I love him just the way he is. His hair truly fits him as a person.
Love you Taylor (Smitty)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be strong and of a good courage..........

On Friday evening Eliza was with her group of friends that she loves to hang out with. As they were trying to figure out what to do it was suggested that they do an activity that Eliza knew Nate & I wouldn't want her doing. She told her friends that she wouldn't do it & the reason was because she knew that her parents wouldn't want her to. Her one buddy suggested that she just not tell them as he put it "part of being a teenager is lying to your parents." She said that she would know & it would eat at her & she would have to tell Nate & I that she did it because that's just how she is. They asked her why she tells her parents everything & she told them because I always want them to trust me. Eliza called me to come & get her so that her friends could do what they wanted & she could be faithful to her word of not lying to her parents. I was so proud of her for being strong and of a good courage!

Eliza at the Temple....

Eliza spent a couple of hours yesterday with the youth in our ward at the Bountiful Temple doing Baptisms for the Dead. She was so excited to go again & wanted to make sure that her dress was the most pleasing to her Heavenly Father. She was so excited to be in the Temple & feel of the Spirit & has lived her life in such a way to be worthy to enter the doors of the Temple.

After they finished the Temple work they were doing they returned to our ward building & had lunch. Eliza said it was such a wonderful day. Nathan & I are so grateful for the righteous young woman she chooses to be & her willingness & desire to partake of all the Gospel has to offer. She is such a light in our home & a light to many she comes into contact with. If you know Eliza you know that she radiates happiness. We are so privalidged to have the opportunity to be her parents & have her teach us on a daily basis.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today was a good day, a very good day........

Today was a day where you feel the warmth on your face & think, "God is good." it was actually a stressful day but it turned out to be such a relaxing night of the kids sitting around the table doing their homework & singing together while I made dinner & what made it even better is we are in our own place now. They sang & told stories from their days at school.

*****If you know my kids they don't leave a detail out of a story so something you or I would tell them that would take us 5 minutes to tell takes them 25 minutes to tell*****

I love hearing their details to each & every storie. It was so fun also to listen to Eliza & Taylor sing. I could have listened all night. I love to listen to McKay's comedy. Today was such a good day!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taylor's latest film credits...........

For those of you who know Taylor you know that he is an actor. This is his most recent work & he thinks it was one of the funnest projects to work on. I'm sure it will be easy to see why.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How quickly they grow...

It is hard to believe how quickly my three beautiful children are growing up right in front of my eyes. This past December my in-laws had a family conference. At the conference each family told of an ancestor. Our three children together each gave a couple mintues little miny talk about what they learned on the ancestor we were given. It was so fun to watch them together & yet sad that they are so independet & getting so mature. They are all at such fun ages & working so hard in school. We are trying to enjoy every minute we have with them. Eliza thinks we are mean sometimes because some Friday nights we just make her hang out with old boring us. How quickly the time goes & how blessed I feel everyday I get to be their mother.