Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running hair, running there, running everywhere

Taylor's hair is always a topic of discussion. He has a great head of hair & I would give my right leg, arm whatever to have it. It's thick & it curls in all the right places. Hair I will take you on some pretty hairy adventures of his hair. (haha)
You can't see it too well but I love how his hair curls up around his helmet.

Then there are those in the family who dream of his hair!

He often has to do the "flip n fix" to get the hair out of his face & he loves doing that. You can find him spending much of his day flippin n fixin!

Here's Taylor's hair right after having 1/2 inch cut off. He has to get it cut every month so I can be happy & he can be happy.

In this picture we see how perfectly cool his hair looks when in place. I love how his bangs flip out.
When you see Taylor you connect him with his hair. Last night while he was teaching FHE I tried to picture him with short hair & just couldn't. We are often asked how much time it takes to do his hair. Well the truth is 2 seconds. He washes it, brushes it, puts product in it & then flips it & is good to go. He said when he turns 12 he is cutting it off so stayed tune to see if that really happens. I love him just the way he is. His hair truly fits him as a person.
Love you Taylor (Smitty)

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raybee... said...

Love my Bubby! Such a great boy! So talented and kind.