Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the award for "Mother of the Year" goes to....."

I have been so far from the mother of the year that I know that I do not need to worry about opening the local newspaper this Mother's Day to be surprised by a special submission from one of my children that they have taken hours upon hours writing all the loving and unselfish things that I do daily as a mother nor do I expect a call from the Oprah show asking me to come a make a special apperance for Mother's Day & share with the rest of the world my secret to being the "World's Greatest Mother". And you may be asking yourself why I am so sure that I know this year will not be my year, well because to give you one minor example tonight when Eliza & Taylor came home from acting they were in her room being silly & she being a hormonal girl decided that she no longer wanted her brother in her room so after asking several times for him to leave, she grabbed him & threw him out & then proceeded to kick him several times. Well she seems to think that since the rule of thumb is that a boy must never physically touch a girl she can get away with this over & over so tonight I decided to try & teach some new discipline skills in our own home. I told Taylor to hit her & make it hurt as bad as it did for him. The fear in her face was almost pricless & she turned into an instant drama queen full flooding tears & all. Taylor being the gentleman he is decided against hurting his sister but I think it was enough to make her think before she attacks one of her brothers again. So this year I will humbly stand to the side as the true Mother receives her award. After all, I'm sure the "Mother of Year Award" doesn't constantly speak to her child at 100 decibals & that's when she's in a good mood.


Okay so I'm sure you have all heard about swine flu or maybe you are like me & you haven't. Last night as I was driving home I was talking to my Dad & he was telling me about the fear of this swine flu stuff. When I got home I asked Nate if he had heard of swine flu? He had & acted as if it was no big deal. I laughed at always being the last to know everything. Then I wondered who on earth comes up with these stupid names?

For the last 3 & 1/2 weeks we have had nothing but sickness in our home. It started with Eliza the first day of Spring Break. She had been invited to spend spring break in St George with her best friend & something about it didn't feel right to Nate & I. We told her we needed to think about it & we just couldn't shake it. You have to know we love this friend & her family but the feeling wouldn't go away. When she got sick, BINGO we knew why. She spent the entire spring break in bed even had visits to the Dr. & ended up in the hospital. So I am wondering what exactly would a scientist name her illness..........

As she was getting better Taylor got hit hard by what she was just recovering from. He missed a whole week of school & almost went crazy having to be in the house. He was so sick of his 3 times a day medication we could do nothing but laugh when we had to just say "Taylor it's.........." & he wanted to scream. During his time of sickness he had a once in a life time opportunity to meet an amazing casting director & spend an evening with her & have a one on one audition with her. He didn't want to miss it but he had know idea what could possibly happen that night (no she didn't cast him in a leading role of a huge mega film). During his time he got a bloody nose that seemed to be a side effect of his meds & so he plugged his nose & held it not knowing what to do. Finally blood was squirting out all over & she said oh Taylor please go to the bathroom & get yourself cleaned up. One thing for sure, she will never forget Taylor Smith. So what would a scientist call his illness............

Then half way into Taylor's time down McKay spent a day trying to call home. Bless his heart he knew you now had to dial 801 so he called my cell phone which is a North Carolina area code plus he put the UT area code first. After doing this over & over all day he burst into tears. He was so sick & just wanted his mommy. I was very upset when Eliza called after school from a friends cell phone & asked me to come pick them up. I said come on you can walk two blocks & then I could hear my baby crying & jumped in the car & went got them. In the car he explained that NOBODY in the office would help him. What the heck! I wasn't happy with that at all. He was so proud to tell me he remembered the 801 area code but when we put it together it broke my heart what he was doing all day. He is still running a fever & infact going to the Dr in a little bit for a quick look of his lungs because he is very vulnerable to pneumonia. So what would a scientist call his illness.............

I think that the last 3 weeks have been crazy to say the least. Remembering who needs medication at what time. Thank goodness 2 of the 3 take pills & not liquids. But if you really want a scientific name for what the illness is in our home I would have to say it is Smith sibling enjoyable, loving time illness. They honestly have loved just to be cuddled up together watching movies & reading. You never realize that sick kids can actually bring joy to your home when they are together & too tired to fight. And sorry to offend the scienist who named it Swine Flu but come on name things a little less.....stupid. Do you want to tell your child that they are sick like a pig?

Those are my thoughts on being a mom of sick kids over the last month. It hasn't been fun but I have seen the funny things & been able to laugh & hold my sick babies. Soon we will all be swimming at Cherry Hill & this too shall pass.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on My Perscription addiction.........

After posting my story of my experience with being an addict to perscription medication (drugs), I have received a number of calls & emails reguarding either someones own struggles or that they are dealing with a close frind who is in the same boat & they are at the end of their rope trying to "save" that person. Which leads to me feeling the need to post a little advice on what those in either situation may or may not want to do.
The very first step is that you cannot "SAVE" that person. It is only through the Attonement & Grace of our Savior that they can be SAVED. Do not loose yourself in the addiction or pretty soon you will become addicted to their problem & forget what your life has to accomplish. When I was going through my addiction I had friends leave me left & right. I thought yea right some friends. If they were true friends they would have stayed by til the end. Now I know more & know that I was taking them down & they had small children at home and that they couldn't do it all & their committments were to their own family. Remember that it doesn't make you a bad person because you aren't there for the addict 24/7. Who you need to be there for is your own family as hard as it may seem. Pray & listen to the spirit of when it is a critical time for you to drop everything and go but I promise that will not be everyday.
The second thing is for those who are searching so hard for answers generally they are right in front of your face. I learned this the hard way. You, the addict has given all power to the meds. So to just say "no" isn't even a thought they can mustard. Don't judge them. Instead set up plans. For me it was that all meds were to go into a double locked safe & my husband keeps the key with him at all times. Don't for one second think if they really do need medacine for something that you can leave out the days dosages. DON'T DO IT! Talk to the phramsist and let them know that your wife/husband isn't to pick up any meds period! Talk with your doctor. Talk to your insurance company & have them flag their card so when they try to get meds they have to have a password that only you would know & then it alerts whom they are buying from not to sell to them. Lastly cut off their financial means. This may all seem harsh but it works & you have to decide if you want a dead spouse or BFF or a live one. The other one that I highly recommend is take away their liscence & the keys. You are allowing them to drive with a DUI. They are at risk of killing someone. How would you feel living with that the rest of your life knowing you did nothing about it.
In conclusion please contact me at anytime. I am an addict. I still fight it & will the rest of my life. But it is everywhere & we need to educate & you aren't trash because you fell to a very easy trap. Just except the help to get out & those who are there to help, THANK YOU!
God speed,