Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on My Perscription addiction.........

After posting my story of my experience with being an addict to perscription medication (drugs), I have received a number of calls & emails reguarding either someones own struggles or that they are dealing with a close frind who is in the same boat & they are at the end of their rope trying to "save" that person. Which leads to me feeling the need to post a little advice on what those in either situation may or may not want to do.
The very first step is that you cannot "SAVE" that person. It is only through the Attonement & Grace of our Savior that they can be SAVED. Do not loose yourself in the addiction or pretty soon you will become addicted to their problem & forget what your life has to accomplish. When I was going through my addiction I had friends leave me left & right. I thought yea right some friends. If they were true friends they would have stayed by til the end. Now I know more & know that I was taking them down & they had small children at home and that they couldn't do it all & their committments were to their own family. Remember that it doesn't make you a bad person because you aren't there for the addict 24/7. Who you need to be there for is your own family as hard as it may seem. Pray & listen to the spirit of when it is a critical time for you to drop everything and go but I promise that will not be everyday.
The second thing is for those who are searching so hard for answers generally they are right in front of your face. I learned this the hard way. You, the addict has given all power to the meds. So to just say "no" isn't even a thought they can mustard. Don't judge them. Instead set up plans. For me it was that all meds were to go into a double locked safe & my husband keeps the key with him at all times. Don't for one second think if they really do need medacine for something that you can leave out the days dosages. DON'T DO IT! Talk to the phramsist and let them know that your wife/husband isn't to pick up any meds period! Talk with your doctor. Talk to your insurance company & have them flag their card so when they try to get meds they have to have a password that only you would know & then it alerts whom they are buying from not to sell to them. Lastly cut off their financial means. This may all seem harsh but it works & you have to decide if you want a dead spouse or BFF or a live one. The other one that I highly recommend is take away their liscence & the keys. You are allowing them to drive with a DUI. They are at risk of killing someone. How would you feel living with that the rest of your life knowing you did nothing about it.
In conclusion please contact me at anytime. I am an addict. I still fight it & will the rest of my life. But it is everywhere & we need to educate & you aren't trash because you fell to a very easy trap. Just except the help to get out & those who are there to help, THANK YOU!
God speed,


RaShawn said...

Glad to see you blogging again.

Cache Man said...

Very insightful. Thanks a ton for sharing. I appreciate the openess and honesty.

Anonymous said...

Warm to you thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

You are mistaken. I can defend the position.