Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the award for "Mother of the Year" goes to....."

I have been so far from the mother of the year that I know that I do not need to worry about opening the local newspaper this Mother's Day to be surprised by a special submission from one of my children that they have taken hours upon hours writing all the loving and unselfish things that I do daily as a mother nor do I expect a call from the Oprah show asking me to come a make a special apperance for Mother's Day & share with the rest of the world my secret to being the "World's Greatest Mother". And you may be asking yourself why I am so sure that I know this year will not be my year, well because to give you one minor example tonight when Eliza & Taylor came home from acting they were in her room being silly & she being a hormonal girl decided that she no longer wanted her brother in her room so after asking several times for him to leave, she grabbed him & threw him out & then proceeded to kick him several times. Well she seems to think that since the rule of thumb is that a boy must never physically touch a girl she can get away with this over & over so tonight I decided to try & teach some new discipline skills in our own home. I told Taylor to hit her & make it hurt as bad as it did for him. The fear in her face was almost pricless & she turned into an instant drama queen full flooding tears & all. Taylor being the gentleman he is decided against hurting his sister but I think it was enough to make her think before she attacks one of her brothers again. So this year I will humbly stand to the side as the true Mother receives her award. After all, I'm sure the "Mother of Year Award" doesn't constantly speak to her child at 100 decibals & that's when she's in a good mood.

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