Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jr Jazz comes to an end.........

If you ask Nate if he got his Eagle he will tell you no but that he did play more basketball than probablly any other teenager you know. So it is no surprise that our boys would play. But it took a lot of convincing to get them to play. Once they got the ball in their hand it was instant love & that made Nate very happy.
There is nothing more fun than watching 3rd grade boys take on basketball for the first time. McKay had a great season of a lot of laughs, learning, & a wonderful and patient coach. For Taylor's team most of them had played last year but there were 2 boys from Thailand who hand never seen a basketball & so I'm not sure which was funnier, them or the 3rd grade boys.
Taylor with his caoch (George Richards)

Taylor with his team. We had to beg Taylor to play basketball. He loved it & was a top scorer!

Taylor was always having a great time.

I'm not sure if Taylor got sweatier in basketball or football?

McKay with his coach (Tim Jackson) getting ready to start the game. McKay fell in love with basketball & has decided that he wants to play at Wake Forest. He even had his retainer made black with gold writing for Wake Forest.

McKay was the top rebounder every game!

He played great defense. It helps when you are so tall.

Nice game face.

Always concentrating.

Get it McKay!
I hate when things so fun come to an end. It was a great season and both our boys learned so much. Jr Jazz is a great program. They also got to go to a Jazz game which they had a blast at. Thank you so much to 2 very wonderful coaches, Tim Jackson & George Richards. Now we wait for football to start up in a couple of months.

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raybee... said...

I agree - the boys are great players and a lot of fun to watch!!