Monday, February 22, 2010

How quickly they grow...

It is hard to believe how quickly my three beautiful children are growing up right in front of my eyes. This past December my in-laws had a family conference. At the conference each family told of an ancestor. Our three children together each gave a couple mintues little miny talk about what they learned on the ancestor we were given. It was so fun to watch them together & yet sad that they are so independet & getting so mature. They are all at such fun ages & working so hard in school. We are trying to enjoy every minute we have with them. Eliza thinks we are mean sometimes because some Friday nights we just make her hang out with old boring us. How quickly the time goes & how blessed I feel everyday I get to be their mother.

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Martin said...

eeee wachin

esta re zarpada tu gata la puta...voy a ir a tu casa y me la voy a re cojer!!!!sin forro asi tenes tu primer sobrinito putasoooooooooooooo