Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nate the Great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how truly great is my Nate! I have been so blessed to have Nate come into my life. When Nate & I first met I was attrackted to him right away. He would talk a lot about his mission & I had always wanted to go on a mission so this was thrilling to me. I knew now I was going for sure. I was 18 and after one year and a half my life was going in a different direction & soon I would be going to the Temple but not in preperation to go on a mission but instead to marry my eternal companion. It has been a most wonderful ride. I am not going to lie we have had our ups & downs & sometimes our downs seem like they are so far down that there is no way of going up but then through faith, works, & the grace of our Lord we change direction. There is so much I love about Nate. When you meet him you just can't not like him. He is the full deal. I love you babe:)

Nate soaking in some sun at Cherry Hill

Nate making waffles for McKay's Kindergarten class for "W" week

Nate spending quality time with my Grandma (my Grandma adores Nate)

Nate wanted all the kids at our childrens old elementary to have the chance to explore their talents so he put on a musical that any child who wanted to could be a part of. He did all of this with only 1 parent volunteer her mother & Nates mom. They had 100+ children. It was awesome

I love that Nate is a great cook. Here we were eating out but at home he creates the best dishes

Nate loves Christmas not for what he gets but for us going shopping for the kids 3 gifts

Nate playing a game of trampoline baseball on the "Holy Land" The "Holy Land" is one of our most favorite places to be

I love how much Nate loves me & takes care of me. This is the 2 of us in Dallas (we are at South Fork) for my little brothers wedding & our 10 year anniversary

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