Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who is telling the truth?

So after watching some of the debate last night I had to turn it off. It makes me sick to my stomache to listen to 2 grown men be so mean to each other. I love how McCain doesn't address his issues of being an unfaithful husband and that his wife he met and had a relationship with while still married yet he calls Obama a dishonest person. Now I am not saying that I am voting for Obama I just think that we foccuss so much on other peoples wrongs that we forget our own faults and I believe this election has truly been an example of that very thing. McCain and Obama are both humans and they both naturally make mistakes and bad choices but their actions are ones that we all reflect on because their character is something for us to judge as to who will be the best to run our country. I wonder if either will be good enough but that is another topic for another day. We need to remember that our choices will always have an impact on us at some point in our lives but also we need to foccuss on our own faults instead of pointing out others. So who is telling the truth? That is for each of us to decide but most important make sure that we are always truthful in our own lifes.


RaShawn said...

I'm with you. I couldn't stand to watch it either. I still haven't decided who is the lesser evil.

Melissa said...

I finally found your blog.
Good luck with the calling.
You've got a great team to be working with.
I've got no idea who I'm voting for either.
It's a horrible situation.