Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Picture book......."The Smith Family Keeps Busy"

This is me with baby brother Griffin on the NAMI Walk
This is me with my sister Carly & my mom after the Relief Society Conference. We were in the conference center & sat on the 3rd row. It was a fabulous meeting.
Taylor getting a little air with his scooter.
McKay also trying to get some air. We moved onto a flat street & all the kids on our street spend all day outside riding scooters. Our kids love it
Family time, lots of family time
We just love to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor with his buddy Cooper @ our all time favorite movie Forever Strong
McKay & his buddy Bronson. If you haven't seen Forever Strong what are you waiting for. It is fabulous. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Carly, my Dad, my brother Griffin, & I @ The NAMI walk. It was so great to have my family put a team together in my honor !

Our good friends little guy Tex. We love when Tex comes to play.
Taylor is the captain of his football team & gets to do coin flip. He is #74
I love this picture. Taylor is the one holding on to the shirt of #50.
Okay I would die to have her curls & she hates it. She thinks its a curse.
Eliza is only 11 but every where we go people think she is 14-16. It is kind of scary.

McKay's first love, drawing. He & I had a date night & went to Discovery
This is a face that just makes it so hard to get mad at. He is just so dang cute. His eyes just melt you.
Taylor is such a Smith & a very good looking kid. When he sings he has you hocked
Eliza is a beauty & loves to have her hair straitend
Nate showing off for his boys. The boys were very impressed that Nate could get off the ground. I was glad he didn't break anything

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raybee said...

Great pics!! What a beautiful family!! Love you guys!!