Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trials & Tribulations..............

My thoughts this weekend have been so foccussed on one of my most favorite of all people, my cousin Andrew. Andrew & I are the same age & have always have had a special bond. He is my dad's only siblings son & though I don't see him very often the time spent together is cherished. I was with with him when I was offered my first can of beer. We were at his brothers wedding & his buddy snuck a bunch af beers for Andrew, I, and all their buddies. I declined & so Andrew did too so I wouldn't be alone. When I graduted from high school I choose my senior trip to be to Altoona, PA. Most peaople have never heard of it but it was 2 weeks of heaven. I went & stayed with my aunt & uncle & cousins & wanted time to stand still. You cannot be around Andrew & not have fun. He is the giving & loving people. As a father he is amazing. He ranks right up there to Nathan. Well we are waiting to find out if he has cancer. It is ironic in some ways because at this exact same time 4 years ago my brother Brandon was 31 just like Andrew and we were waiting to see if he had cancer. He did and we lost him a year later. My brother turned 32 that February after finding out he had cancer & Andrew also turns out this coming February. As I pray & wait to see what the Lord's will is for this special person in my life I have had several anxiety attacks. I want to get on a plane & fly to Virgina & fix everything but I am helpless except through the power of prayer. I am so grateful I have that power & I can help in that way. When my brother passed away our sweet little McKay was just 5 and when I called home because I was San Diego with my brother, I told him when he answered the phone & I was affraid at his reaction when he had prayed for a year everyday for his uncle. But he told me our prayers were answered, he was healed because now that he was with Heavenly Father he was all done with his cancer. I don't know what Andrew's out come will be but I know the Lord's plan is one of greatness & that through trials & tribulations we grow & become great people. We need to thankful for the things that bring us strength & growth. I will continue to pray for Andrew & I will except what ever the Lord's will is. I love you Andrew!

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