Monday, September 8, 2008


Eliza @ the Hill Field Airforce Musem
Me & Eliza @ the Hill Field Airforce Musem
My Grandpa Don who served in the Navy for 20+ years
Eliza, Taylor, & McKay with some soldiers who had just returned from Iraq
McKay, Taylor, Wyatt(cousin), Eliza, & Mara(cousin) @ the Hill Field Air Force Musem
With tomorrow being the 7th anniversary of the tragic day that took so many lives 7 years ago I challenge each of you to do something to honor those in your home towns who do the little things everyday to protect us & had our towns been NYC they would have been the ones on the front lines. Go to your local fire satation and take treats with your kids & your local police station & take treats. If you live close to a base then go there and take treats. Just because it has been several years doesn't mean our thanks needs to be over. We need to continue to show our thanks every day to our everyday heroes. Plus think of what a great lesson you will be teaching your children. I know everyday a emergency vehichal passes on the road I think back to when I was 12 & our home caught on fire in the middle of the night. I get so mad when people don't move over because I think of what & who is waiting for that emergency vehical to get there. So remember that too, where we have to go is never more important then where they have to go so always move over for them! Eliza sang at the State Capital for all the fallen heroes since 9/11 and said it was the needest feeling.

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