Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Yesterday Steph...........

Stephanie & Todd right after she finished the Top of the Mountain Marathon 9/15/2007 which qualified her for the Boston Marathon which she ran this April.
This is Stephanie Jill Wilkins Victor my BFF for
the last 14 years. Yesterday Sept. 11, was her birthday & I meant to post this yesterday but we were all sick with the flu. Anyone who knows Stephanie is lucky. She is an amzaing person. She grew up in a little tiny town in Idaho & my senior year of high school she moved down to SLC to live with a family & study with Ballet West. The family she lived with was in my ward & I was thrilled to have someone new in the ward & someone from a small town in Idaho as well since I grew up in one myself until high school. We hit it off from the start. She has been the greatest blessing in my life. One time I had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks, she dropped everything she was doing left her 3 kids with her mom & drove down from Pocatello & sat at my bedside, watched my kids, redecorated my bedroom & kept Nate positive. When I have made really bad choices she will be so honest with me & tell me not to do that & that I will regret that if I I go through with it. When we were just recently planning McKay's baptism he got to choose who spoke. I thought for sure he would ask for a certain grandparent or aunt or uncle but he wanted Stephanie when I asked him why he said because she is my second mom & I love her so much I want her to speak. It moved me to tears. She has been such a cruicial part of my life from helping me build the confidence to see that I was good enough for Nathan & that I was truly a daughter of God. She is always lifting me up & serving me. Four years ago we came home from a 2 week trip to North Carolina & our kitchen ceiling was full of water. It rained the entire time we were gone & our roof had a leak & so it all soaked through. We called & got bids & the cheapest was $10595.00. Stephanie called to see how our trip was & I told her what we came home to & that we just couldn't afford that & our homeowners inssurance wouldn't cover it because our roof was more than 20 ears old. So the next week we got a phone call from Stephanie to start scrapping the roof so that the next week when her husband got there it would be ready for him to put on a new one. Now that is a friend who goes above the call of friendship. She is married to a saint & they have three of the most beautiful & wonderful children. I could go on for hours about Stephaine. We have done hundreds of crazy things some involve black nylons on our heads & fake animals noses, water fights at Baskin Robins with the emploees, roasting miniture marshmellows over candles with toothpicks, washing Steph's truck & running out of quarters & have to drive home to get more while the truck is covered in pink foam, were talking COVERED, oh I could go on forever. I never laugh so much as I do everytime we get together.

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