Monday, September 15, 2008

Football Update.....

McKay #5 running during his game!
McKay & Taylor before their games. Can you tell it's 6:00am?
McKay, Cousin Aiden, & Taylor after a Saturday of football
Taylor with his buddy & quarterback on his team Cooper

This Saturday was so much better..........TAYLOR'S team played 75% better than last week. They lost 7 to 20. They worked much better as a team & Taylor was glad to come out for a couple of plays. Hopefully next week will go even better..............McKay'S game was rough. His coach that does most of the coaching was out of town on business so that was a huge strike. They have only ever worked with 2 boys as quarterbacks. McKay & then another little. Well the other little boy was playing quarterback & McKay was playing running back. The line wouldn't block & Easton (the quarterback) got hit HARD. He was down for awhile. He was out the rest of the game. McKay stepped in as quarterback. The line still wouldn't block so he gave up finally & just tucked the ball & ran to get what ever yards he could. They lost & thank goodness McKay didn't get taken out too or really would have been hurting.

But we just love going & watching them & cheering them on & grateful to them enjoy it & we are so thankful it isn't snowing YET!

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