Sunday, September 21, 2008


32..........that's how old I am. It may not seem very old to many & it may seem ancient to many but to me it is a nmber to ponder. You may wonder why. My brother passed away at the age of 32. I think this was all of his life he got to live before returning home to his Father in Heaven. It makes me ponder & ask myself "am I prepared if this was my moment?".... "or what dreams have still yet to achieve?".......... "who have I offended that I need to make right?"....... "have I done everything I could to share the Gospel?"...... etc. I think that until someone so close dies, death doesn't seem real. Even after my brother died it still didn't. But as I let go of my anger & pain & started healing I could evaluate m life & see WOW,, I have changes to make. With just turning 32 this past week it really struck a chord that I truly have the rest of my life ahead of me so I need to live it to the fullest.

We all have time in a bottle we just don't know when we might fall & break that bottle or have someone steal our precious bottle

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