Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's a MOM?

My cup runneth over.....
Eliza & I at the Great Salt Lake.....
They grow so quickly..... Easter of '06
Being silly at the family cabin
Lovin life down in Dixie!

Six months ago while sitting in m daughters maturation program the school nurse said that anyone can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a "MOM". I do agree with her up to that point. But what she went on to sa next offended me & maybe because I didn't fit her picture. She then went on to say that you cannot become a "MOM" without finishing college, getting married & spending a couple of years alone together in your marriage together first before starting a family. With that experience than you are prepared to become a "MOM". See I got married at 19 & three months later was pregnant & only had one semester of college done. But I would have to say over the last 11+ years that I have had many moments with my children where I feel like I truly am a "MOM". I see people who are very well educated & have years behind them yet when it comes to children & how to raise them have know idea what to do. So is age & schooling really what makes you a "MOM"? Or is it how you were raised & loved & nurtured or for those who weren't raised with love do they learn to love because they yearned for it so much as a child? What truly makes you a "MOM"? I have been reading the book Latter Day Strippling Warriors by Ardeth G Kapp & she interviews a lot of the Elders & Sisters from their mission about what things did their mothers do that left lasting impressions on them. It has been so interesting to hear the simple things that effect a childs life. It has caused me to think back on m own life & my own mother & if there is a word about the home I grew up in I would say a home of laughter. We laughed so much growing up. My childhood is a happy one. That is something that a lot of children cannot say. I think of all of our family vactions in the car. We used to beg to fly. With 7 children that was a never going to happen sort of thing but still fun to dream about. But now I am so grateful we didn't because those car rides are long lasting memories of laughter. What things will my children remember about our home? If anything the one thing I try to stress the most with my children is you aren't competeing with anyone but yourself. Just try & do better than you did last time. If you are always improving yourself, that's what's important. I hate that we live in a world where we always think we need to one up someone. My beliefe is being a "MOM" has no degree or age. It has heart and love, unselfishness, unconditional love, heartbreak, lack of sleep, pain & lots of it, but most importantly, JOY! The job never ends. My "MOM" is still working at it full time and we are all out of the house & most of us married. It never ends once you you start so be prepared to hold on for the ride but the blessings & benefits last a life time & into the eternities.

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