Friday, August 29, 2008

McKay gets Baptized............

August 17th (which was also Nathan's Birthday) McKay got Baptized & Confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a very special day. He was the only one getting baptized so it was a small intimate setting. His Grandma Coco said the opening prayer & the opening hymn was "I Stand All Amazed" (which was the first song his Grandpa Gary sang as a new member). Then His Grandma Susie & Grandma Louise each bore their testimonies. Then Eliza & Taylor sang a song called "Follow the Son" by Dean Kaelin. He was then baptized. After that Nate & our dear friend sang a beautiful arrangement of "I KnowMy Redemer Lives". I then spoke & then McKay was confirmed then our Bishop spoke. We sang "I Am a Child of God" & our dear friend Natasha said the closing prayer. After we went up to the "Holy "Land for refreshments & to visit. It was just a beautiful day. Shared with those we love greatly. Our dearest friends in Idaho had an emergency & couldn't come but McKay said he could feel their love there. For me I only had two siblings show up. Half way through the program I realized that there was another one of my siblings that had come. My brother who had passed away almost 3 years ago. He was there without a doubt & that brought great peace & comfort to me.

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