Friday, August 8, 2008

We are.....MARSHALL (or what ever school you like)

We are.............. MARSHALL!!!!!!!!

Okay so it's football season & our boys cannot get enough of 5 nights a week practices plus
Saturday afternoons so we have been watching every football movie.

But to my complete shock it's my daughter who comes in to tell me that she is no longer going to Oxford

(she only wants to go there so she can be as far away from mommy dearest as possible & see what life is like without the choke collar & for no
other reason) anymore but to MU (Marshall University) because the movie was so inspiring.
Isn't that so touching? Don't get the tissue out guite yet, she has been grounded from TV & music for a week & it
was the first of anything she got to see so it was more the fact that it was tears of
wow I really have starved myself for a whole week!
It is a great movie though if you have not seen it. I highly recommend it.
I am a push over for the crush your heart true stories. They lift me up some how even though
they are depressing. Like a good country love song. ;)

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