Friday, August 8, 2008

Grow old along with me........

My Grandma Bonnie (my Mom's mother)

My Grandpa Don (my Mom's father)
Nathan's Grandma Smith & Grandpa Smith (his Dad's parents)

Okay so I am really starting to feel older......... My baby gets baptized in a week. Now my parents & Nathan's parents are the grandparents coming to all these events but my grandparents are still young and full of life & traveling the world & Nathan's grandparents are still so on the go. Why do I feel like I am the only one aging? I feel like time is standing still for everyone but me.

As I reflect on the great leaders of our families I am so grateful for all the love & sacrifice that was shared for Nathan & I to be here & together with our own little family. I love to watch my Grandpa with my Grandma, she is his Queen & his most valueable gem. He handles her with such care and devotion. He defines what a gentleman truly is and my Grandma defines what a lady is and reminds me of happy ever after. They haven't had a perfect marriage, but a real marriage & a marriage that they work on every single day. I think that is the key to the happy ever after. My Grandparents have grown old well together.

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.........." (John Lennon) that was our wedding song. I am glad we have had good examples to look up to for growing old together

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LL said...

love that saying...grow old along with me. CUTE post!
Leah, you look fabulous. How are you doing? How are the kids liking school? How's the new carpet cleaning business? Let's hear the updates :)