Friday, August 8, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.........

When the dog bites I run bawling I don't sing about my favorite things & when the bee stings I am not sure what I do but I am guessing that I also cry because the last bee sting I remember was water skiing on the Snake River in Idaho & I know I cried. Generally though when I am scared or upset I EAT!!!! That is my favorite thing to do. Isn't it every persons favorite? Well here is a list of my favs & our family favs: (please do share your favs too)

The Smith Family Favorite Things (can you guess which belong to whom?)


-cotton candy



-knitting granny



-g & g


-laser tag


-all sports

-drama, drama, drama

-big stars (jeans / not acting)

-lucy who is a master with the hair

-the "kardashian girls" who keep us in line with style ;)




-guitar playing grandpas

-nick names


-the sun

-friends that are family




-LAUGHTER & PRAYER (you may wonder why those are together? live at our home or the home I grew up in & you will see. these are my saving graces)

-the outdoors

-children who are all old enough to do almost everything themselves yet still young enough to need mommy & daddy for everything

-a father that sacrificed his son & a savior who gave his life

No matter what life puts us through, what we gain or what we lack, we never loose the love of the truly begotten & that is what is worth singing & rejoicing about........not dog bites & bee stings but the Love of our Father & His Son. It is when I have been bit or stung & knocked down though that I forget that love & I forget my blessings are not the material things I have but rather the knowledge & love.

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