Friday, November 21, 2008

Trails or Gifts?

Yesterday I had the very special time to sit with Nate's Uncle Steve & visit with him while Nate's mom & the other siblings went to lunch. Nate's Grandfather is dying in a matter of days or even hours. As we sat in the quiet of that home & spoke where the spirit was so easily felt because I believe the Viel is truly so thin, we spoke of trials. As we spoke of life & things that we endure I was able to speak to him about things I have been really struggling with & praying about & never would I think to share with him. But he was the Lord's tool. As we spoke & cried he asked me a simple question that I cannot stop pondering in my heart. Has the Lord given us Trials or Gifts? How profound to look upon the things we go through that weigh us down & cause us pain as a "GIFT". But as I have pondered I do believe there is so much truth to that because in all those times of pain & sorrow & times where I want to give up this fight, my Lord steps in & I reach a new level & it is there that I climb and I become who I am. Stonger with each experience & so yes they are gifts for what we are when the trial is over & we have allowed ourselves to come unto Christ and let Him make us better. If we can remember during these times it is a gift because there will always be joy at the end, just maybe it will make the journey a little bit easier. Yes it will still hurt, I know that for sure but know that joy will come.

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