Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SOS Carpet Cleaning Special Offer

This is the Gines family that started SOS Carpet Cleaning 10 years ago that Nate has the privilage to work with.

If you read my blog you are in for a SOS Carpet Cleaning special.
Beginning today until the 25th of November have your carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaned and receive $50 off. There is no minum amount. Plus put a link on your blog to the SOS blog and receive an additional $50 off. This is a great time to have your cleaning done while you are getting ready for the holidays and your holiday entertaining so take advantage of this great opportunity.
To set up a time please send a comment or email & I will contact you. Also on the blog there are the phone numbers to call & book your appointments & be sure to tell them you are booking from Leah's blog.

There is one more great way for you to earn. SOS works off of referrals. For any referral you give you will receive 10% commission of that job. That's great for you stay at home moms.

Remember this $50 off is good for now until the 25th. The $50 off for linking SOS blog to yours is good for any time & the referral program never expires.
There is nothing like clean tile grout, carpet, & furniture.


Gold-E said...

I was just telling my husband the other day we need to clean our carpets. Hmmm, might have to keep this offer in mind. Thanks!

Laura said...

UUUUU! I will have to take advantage of this offer THANKS!

Jo said...

Leah, it's Joanna. I work part-time for Intermountain Healthcare and ran in to Carly during the summer. I found your blog through hers and must say that it is so fun to see you and Nate and your adorable family! It's amazing how much time has passed! I'm so happy for you and how great your life seems to be.