Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bringing sexy back!

Can we get any hotter????????? This is Nate's Jr picture.

This is his friends senior picture. Can you guess the year?

We moved the middle of August & the 2nd week I was outside & met some of our great nieghbors. Come to find out that Cameron & Nate went to high school together. They had us over for dinner a couple of weeks later (which still is the only time Taylor will eat squash) & out came the year books. With the year books came the stories of what girls were hot and so on and so on. So I thought while the year book is still sitting out, here is a reminder to how hot these guys were for all the ladys at Highland everyday in 1989.

I know payback will be nasty from Nate but I just laugh to think how cool he must have been with his curly hair mulet. That's why I love him so!


Angie said...

Is Nate sporting a Jerry curl? Whoa, easy on the Dep. And Cameron has the ever so popular flock of seagulls hair style going. One might ask, who used more hair product, the guys, or the girls?

Oh, and I want to know what Highland girls were on their"hottie" list. Can't wait to see Nate's payback.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the pictures and the laughs. I'll look at these guys with a whole new appreciation when I see them at church. (What a life we all lived before we knew each other now!)

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