Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our homemade Christmas

This my kids with my sisters kids 5 years ago (McKay & Taylor are in white shirts & Eliza is next to Santa)
This Christmas we decided to try a new tradition in our home. We are having a "Homemade Christmas". We aren't buying any gifts. Everything has to be made for each other. Since we started our family we have decorated our tree in all pictures of the Savior. We did our first year because we couldn't afford ornaments & then we have never changed it. It has really helped us keep the foccuss on the Savior. We also write a letter to the Savior the FHE before Christmas & say what we are going to work on for the year to become more like Him & that is our gift to Him. I have saved those letters every year so that when my kids are all grown they can have those to look back on. This year we wanted to do something to help us stay foccussed with all that goes on to commercialize Christmas. We asked the kids about it & surprisingly they were very excited. They have been so lost in what they are doing for each other that they aren't asking for this & that. I love traditions. I don't know if this is one that will stick or not. It is fun to try new things & it is important to keep the old as well. I love Christmas for many reasons but one is because of all the traditions!


RaShawn said...

What great ideas!

Dancer96 said...

Hey thanks for the comments I think you guys are such a great family! thanks for letting me be practicly your second daghter just let me know if I get buggy cause i can be kind of a spaz sometimes ok thanks you guys are such a cute family Taylor Mcay and eliza crack me up and i enjoy being around you and nate!!

Angie said...

What a great way to remember what Christmas is really all about. It seems to get lost sometimes in the every day hustle.

Maricela said...

This is a good idea. I think I read an article about this in one of the Ensigns. The gifts will be so much more memorable and fun, I am sure!

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