Friday, December 5, 2008

Homework can wait...........

McKay at the Tracey Aviary spring 2008 McKay was up until 12:05 last night (or I guess this morning). He gets a homework packet every Monday that is due on Friday morning. He has all week to do it & we have him do a couple of pages each night. Since football has ended it has been harder to get it done. I am not sure why. So this week has been the biggest fight & I came home late last night from a Primary Presidency meeting & then from a most wonderful Enrichment night & he still had more than half of his packet left plus his poem to memorize. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, Nate was frustrated, & he couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let he play all week. It clicked last night that friends come after home work & so the sooner the homework is done the sooner he finishes it in the week the more time he has to play. He asked before bed if he could ask his teacher if he could get his packet on Friday's so he could get it all finished over the weekend. We told him no he had to wait just like all the other kids & learn to use his time wisely. Hopefully next week will run mutch more smoothly!


RaShawn said...

I think homework is harder for the parents than the child. I hate doing homework especially when they fight you on it. I guess it does teach them how to manage their time. If I had my way no one would have homework.

Sarah said...

Good luck with that!

Dancer96 said...

hey guys
hey when i come over during the week after i finish my homework with eliza i can help him with his homework it's not a problem with me just feel free to ask and i totally understand my teacher last year put stuff like that on are homework and she didnt tell us how to do it at school and myparents didnt even know how to do it so !!!

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