Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well the Wellth Fargo Wagon........

Taylor playing Winthrop in The Music Man
Taylor singing Wells Fargo lisp & all but sorry Ronny Howard he did it so much better than you. He made it his own & didn't over exaggerate the lisp.
Taylor sining Gary Indiana with Miss Mirian & Mrs Paroo looking on in disbelief but joy
Eliza (in the white dress) visiting with another member of River City during a scene in The Music Man. She was Eliza Britt & in the dance corp & boy did she dance & sing
Eliza hanging out with Zenta, the Mayor's daughter, during another scence of The Music Man.

We spent the first half of the summer doing the rehersals, publicity, Nate made the programs, & made lots of drink runs, plus had several young adults arrested @ a gas station for yelling the F-word at my children. (They were drunk & a cop just happened to be a cross the street & it was quite the scene. Cops are really here to protect us). Then Eliza & Taylor had 2 weeks of performances & we loved everyone. They love to act & sing & they love being on stage together. So our summer vaction was spent in "River City, Iowa 1912" & we all loved every minute of it.

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Bingham Family said...

fun to see all the kids have been up to! they all look great!