Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Eliza played "Taylor" in HSM last fall. I have to admitt I had never even watched the movie until she got her part & then I watched it to see who she was. I was surprised to see she was playing a black girl because she as whit as they come. Thankfully it was chosen by talent not look. The 1st picture is a scence of her & "Gabriella" (Lexy Jones). The 2nd picture is of her & "Chad" (Chad Thompson).

These next 2 pictures are of Eliza & her BFF Annie at HSM on Ice. For her birthday last year we gave her tickets & it just so happened that the ice show was the night after her last matanie. It was fun for her to see "Taylor" & "Chad". She is a bit of a HSM freak. The beginning of the summer we were driving past East High (where I went to school) one evening & who just happened to be outside. Corbin Bleu & Monique ? (Chad & Taylor). Eliza about died.

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