Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Football Season....

Taylor #12 playing at the Blaze game
There is nothing like the smell of sweaty hot hair fresh from under a football helmet on a warm summer evening or fall afternoon. I personally didn't grow up a football fan but I live for it now that I have boys that live for it.

Taylor played his 1st year last year & we made him & it was love at first tackel. He got to play at a half time at a Blaze Game & loves being a hog.

This is McKay's 1st year but both boys did the U of U football camp & LOVED every minute of it.

So with that said bring on the football season. It will be a busy one with our boys being on different teams but we will love every minute of it even the injuries because they are considered awards in Grandpa Bart's book :)

Let the games begin!

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raybee said...

The Blaze game half-time show was awesome! Taylor was a star. I'm excited for the upcoming season.