Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McKay's finally 8!!!!

I can hardly believe that McKay is 8!..........

It seems as though I was just holding him as a new baby in my arms & now he is an inch & a half shorter than Taylor & playing football, taken the place of my baby brother as the family clown, he's my one that comes in & talks to me on my bed when he cannot sleep at night & I'm waiting for Nate to get home from work, & he has the art of stalling mastered (I have taught him well).

It's fun to see what he is becoming & how social he is. He is my pal at all of Eliza & Taylor's singing & acting events. McKay & I have a great time together.

He is the perfect final touch to finish out our family. I love you McKay. We all do!


LL said...

It's GREAT to be EiGHT :)
Happy Birthday McKay. can't wait to see pictures from the baptism day

Carly said...

It is crazy how time flies. He is such a good kid and so good looking to boot, you better watch out! Can't wait for his big day.