Sunday, January 18, 2009

Royal Bliss 1/13/09 Releases their CD with Capitol Life in Between.....

Okay so this is the most exciting day of my bro-in-laws life. Jake the drummer is my bro & so I go to go party at the release show. Boy did they rock. It was a blast!
Jake taking his little boy out to Granma's car after the exciting evening

At least Aiden heard a couple songs

Chad Milton (Eliza & Taylor's agent with W Talent), Sam Salisbury & Jason Steadman owners of Rock Star Shows. All very awesome guys!!!!!!! They were our guests.

Jake doing his thing! With Tommy joing in

Jammin Jake

I love this shot, the colors & the movment

Here you can see his ture love in his face for what he does

Tommy & Jake are both so naturally talented

He is just AMAZING

Niel can bring some power

I think this was a first show in a long time that it was just his pure natural talent

Franchesca (Jake's girlfriend) & I hanging out

Becky cheering on her little bro

Grandma & Aiden enjoying the show

Aiden trying to stay awake

Now go get your copy of Life In Between! Its great. If you haven't listened to Royal Bliss do!


Gold-E said...

I saw these guys on the news the other morning promoting their big release. I didn't know you were related! How cool is that?!

Jo said...

So I had no idea the drummer was your bro-in-law. I started following Bliss' music when I first heard Neal sing the vocal on Jon Schmidt's 'I Do' and had to know who the singer was. That's how I found Royal Bliss and never made the connection. How fun for you to be related to a rocker!

5ofus said...

Well it is fun to is fun to say I know a rock star. It has been a LONG road for them. I was pregnant with Eliza when they started practicing. But we have have cheered them on every step of the way. Our kids love & love that they have Royal Bliss autographed stuff. We are just so excited there time has come & they so deserve it.

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