Tuesday, November 10, 2009

football season is almost over

As the boys get ready to play in their last games of the season this Saturday we all feel a little bit of relief that it is finally coming to a close. It has been a long season & even with all the wins & playing in the playoffs & now the championship games, it has not been what we expected football to be. McKay has enjoyed it because he hasn't had to work hard. They are expected to be lazy by their head coach. (SO FRUSTRATING!). Taylor (Smitty as they call him) has started to loose the love he has for football & wont playfor this coach again because he said that he is still playing for Norte Dame & he isn't letting this coach stand in his way. His coach told Taylor one day he was gonna buy him a pink dress & a tutu so he can dance on the field since that's all he knows how to do is dance. So over the next 2 games Taylor had 18 unasstited tackles & 2 sacks. One someone brought up the comment the coach had made he said that's how he gets Smitty to perform. I am just thankful that our boys have told us that they are unhappy with how things have been. Both McKay & Taylor have grown a great amount this football season.....to bad it has had nothing to to with football.

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LL said...

I remember you guys coming to support my McKay at his football games....
Fun to see your boys in their gear.