Friday, July 3, 2009

A 10 year old in mourning.....

It has been a week since Taylor was sitting in his acting class & his acting coach, David H. Stevens, said: "Michael Jackson died today." We hadn't heard the news & I happened to be walking past the class & heard the news just like Taylor. I was shocked but I was most concerened about my 10 year old son who over the past 14 months has grown to love the skills of an amazing artist. I saw his face & saw the tears coming. He needed a moment to gather his thoughts. That night when we got home he had a good cry & has a few more since. He has literally watched his DVDs & listened to all his CDs 24/7 since last Thursday. He has watched all the specials on TV & is truly mourning the loss of an artist he aspired to be like (not as a person but as talented). Yesterday he had a voice lesson & he has been working on the song "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson. On the car ride home we always listen to their lessons (they are recording on CD to practice) & his was very somber. It made me think that I grew up listening to Michael Jackson & never stop to think "oh yeah he is quite talented or wow I really like him" but here my son is hurting for the loss of an artist. It has also helped me learn to see the good in people. Taylor can find all the good qualities in Michael Jackson even after the world has made him such a freak show. I pray the Michael Jackson will have peace but most importantly that Taylor will feel joy in his talent knowing that are great songs out there because of Michael Jackson.

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