Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now staring......Taylor Smith

For those of you who know our family well you know that Taylor is a very well rounded young man. He acts, sings, plays football, basketball, gets straight A's, has his future planned out...... okay that is a little over the top on bragging.
In reality he is just like any other 9 (almost 10) year old. He has just had some lucky opportunities. One of those opportunities was a couple of years ago he played the lead in a short film called Butterflies. It was a wonderful experience, one we all enjoyed as a family as Eliza & McKay both got to be extra's in the film & Nate & I were fascinated on set with all that went into making a movie. It has also opened many doors to new friendships & other opportunities for our children.
Butterflies has spent the last year traveling the United States & even Australia at Film Festivals & winning many awards. The director and writter, Andy Bailey, did a wonderful job & no matter how many times we watch it we still laugh & love it. So we were thrilled when he contacted us to let us know that it is now available to purchase on DVD. It is a great children's film actually it is fun for the whole family & not because Taylor is the lead but because the story is so fun. You actually may not even recognize Taylor because he has grown up so much. But if you are looking for a good film for your family pick your copy up today at:
No we aren't making any money off of you getting it. You can just say, I saw that directors first project. The behind the scences are a lot of fun too.

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